Saturday, 15 March 2014

Amy Butler Little Splashes : :

After a VERY loooong hot summer its finally getting cooler (well the nights are anyway!). So now I'm moving into winter sewing as the winters in Gippsland can be very long and cold!

About a year ago (or possibly more, whose counting right?) I ordered 3 different types of laminated fabric and the Amy Butler sewing pattern Little Splashes.

I let the girls each choose which fabric they wanted, Little Miss E choose a zoology fabric by Robert Kaufman in whales, and Little Miss I chose a cute strawberry laminate.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Block Corners : :

So...I finally caught up with the Happy Quilting quilt-a-long. I was soo far behind! There has been so much happening here lately, some good, some bad.
Good news is our house is sealed up! We pulled down all the internal walls that needed to come out (we are renovating) and then had to lay the floor. Its been a trying couple of weeks with birds coming in and out of the house, but its finally all closed off!!

I have finished this weeks assignment (just in time too!) here are my block corners for my quilt!

I cant wait till its all sewn together! I haven't used the BSR on my new Bernina 440QE yet, and I really plan on putting it to the test on this quilt! (By the end of quilting a queen quilt, one would hope I would have the hang of it!)

I have lots to put up here and now I have found my charger to my camera, I can finally take some photos of the things I have been making!


Saturday, 8 March 2014

Something Is Coming...

Something BIG!! Something HUGE!!!!

I'm opening an ONLINE STORE!! Yippie!
I am still in the process of organising myself, but I have my first order of patterns here ready for me to list, and another order on the way. (yes I will be selling sewing patterns)

The name of my store is.....

Yes its completely irrelevant to what I'm actually selling, but I love it!
My lovely maybe-almost-sister-in-law is going to draw up some cute graphics for me so I can really get things looking nice (think tea drinking foxes!).

I'm planning on stocking a large range of quality patterns, including men's, women's, and of course children's patterns. Eventually down the line I may also look at sourcing notions and sewing tools that I love to use as well!

My store isn't up yet as I'm still getting everything in order, but it will be soon! When it is, I will be sure to let you know and add a button to the side of my blog for easy access!

I'm SO SO SO excited! I have been wanting to do this for AGES now, and I cant believe its nearly up and running!


Sorry for the lack of posting of late! There has been so much going on that I haven't had hardly any time!!