Monday, 29 June 2015

Cute Baby Shoes : :

Last year when Little Miss E & I where at kinder their kinder teacher was really worried about their lack of clear speech and how they would cope at school.
Going back to when they were bubs they didn't talk much (well...they didn't talk much english! They were always babbling to each other), and as a result they were behind the eight ball with their alphabet and numbers when starting school this year.

They are now half way through the year and they know their numbers up to, and backwards from 20, their alphabet and are even reading now!!
Their teacher has been so great! She loves to teach and gets excited when her students learn something new. She's a fantastic teacher.

Anyway, the point of all this is she has been so excited that her first grandchild was born, a girl called Isla, and I wanted to make her something smallish for the new bub.

I decided to try and make some baby shoes...


EEP! Aren't they just sooo cute!!

These went together super quick, although some parts where a bit fiddly. I was planning on making them a bit bigger, about a 3-6 month size, but they ended up smaller than I intended, pretty much for 0-3 months, which was fine because the baby is only about 1 week old, I'll just have to remember for next time to make them bigger.


I think they turned out really sweet!! I'm going to make Little Miss S a few pairs to wear for church!


I sewed a button onto the top of each closure using these little wooden buttons I got from a craft show a few years ago. If I was making these shoes for an older baby, one who is putting things in their mouth, I would definitely leave this off, just in case they managed to find their way into little mouths.


The fabric I used was "Happy go lucky" (Love it!), and I put some thick fusible fleece lining on the insides to keep those little toes toasty during winter!

These shoes have already been given and hopefully they are getting loads of wear!


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