Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Pigeon Has Landed!!

When I saw that Cloud 9 was releasing a range of fabric from the book "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive The Bus", I knew I had to make it into a quilt. To say that Little Miss E loves that book is an understatement!! She knows all the words, and she cant even read!

When I ordered it, I was really excited, and whipped the quilt top up in record time. Then it sat in my cupboard.....for about 5 months!

I really didn't know how to quilt it. I haven't as yet quilted any quilt with my darning foot (free-motion), so I got it out, made a few 'quilt sandwiches' and had a practise! It was a lot more difficult than I though!

So I put that back into the 'too-hard' basket, and got out my handy-dandy walking foot! (I quilt EVERYTHING with my walking foot!) If you look in the picture above you can see that I have quilted it with pigeon feet! Little Miss E loves that that naughty pigeon walked all-over her quilt! At first I made the 'tracks' go in different directions, but after quilting about half, I stopped and had a far-away look at it. 
It was a MESS! So of course I got frustrated and jammed it put it back into my cupboard. 

Little Miss E then asked if I had finished it..... so I got it back out again. 
Mr Handsome told me that it would look better with the pigeon feet going in straight lines. He was so right! So I spent the rest of the night unpicking and re-quilting. 

I used a stripy fabric from the range cut on the bias for the binding. This is the first time I have done bias binding, it wasn't as hard as I thought, and I really like the diagonal stripe.

 The back was the cheater print from the range. I really like how the back is just as fun as the front and that the quilt is reversible.

I also ordered the panel and used the cushion templates as an appliqué. I love how the pigeon is eyeing off the bus!


When I gave this quilt to Little Miss E she got out her book and started matching the pictures on the quilt with the book! So cute! I can see this quilt is going to be loved and cherished!

Then of course when Little Miss I saw her sister getting her photo taken, she had to have some of the action. 

I love this photo!


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  1. Jessica! This quilt is awesome! My daughter also loves the Pigeon book although I doubt she understands it yet. What lucky girls to have such a beautiful quilt. They will love it forever.

    Now you've got me wanting to get into quilting, by the way.


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