Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A Foxy Little Fellow : :

Another Christmas present done!! (It feels so good to say that)

This little guy is a present for Little Mr Z. 

He is made from a really good quality wool felt. I have never really used felt before, but I actually found it better than cotton. The felt can be stuffed really firm, and it was a breeze to sew. 
I am DEFINITELY going to make more felt toys. He is just too cute! 

I don't know if Little Mr Z is going to love him. He will probably be much more interested in the wooden car I have for his stocking, and not to mention all the wrapping paper that's going to be floating around on Christmas morning.

But *I* think he is really cute. And I know that Little Mr Z's sisters will want to play with him, even if he isn't terribly interested. 

I got this pattern from the craft show that I went to this year. Its called 'Bandit' by Simone Gooding. The pattern is really good with really clear instructions. I finished sewing this little guy in about 2 evenings (not including cutting), and that was taking my time.

Now all I have to do is make two dolls for the girls. I have about 2 weeks to do them, so hopefully I can get them done. I want to get them done quickly too because I have a baby carrier pattern that I would LOVE to make them to go with their dolls. I just need more time! (story of my life)


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