Monday, 9 December 2013

Oliver & S Lazy Days Skirt : :

Just this word makes me think of the beach, ice-creams, seagulls and thongs (the kind you wear on your feet!).

The girls need some new summer clothes, and I'm in the process of making them some new skirts, shorts, and dresses.

I've had my eye on the free Oliver & S pattern, Lazy Days Skirt for a while. (I love free things!)
So I let the girls choose some fabric from my cupboard, and we whipped them up.
These were SO quick! Seriously, 1 hour later and I had two cute skirts made.

The fabric they picked was Michael Miller's Bella Butterfly. Its been in my cupboard for a while, and these skirts take so little fabric, I still have heaps left!

Little Miss E wanted to help me sew, and since these skirts are easy-peasy, I let her sit on my lap and help me feed the fabric and press the reverse button.  Then of course Little Miss I wanted to do the same thing...

Instead of adding the ribbon around the hem like suggested in the pattern, I used a strip of fabric that I double folded. I didn't have any ribbon but I really liked the contrast around the hem.

I also found some 1/4'' crochet trim to add around the bottom, then I got creative with a few decorative stitches on my sewing machine.

I really liked how quick these skirts came together. The inside seams don't even need any finishing as you just use the selvedges to save time!

They are perfect for lazy hot summer days.


P.S Some exciting other news is we have picked the colour paint for the outside of our house! We are renovating, as you can probably tell, and I cant wait till our house looks beautiful from the outside at least! (Still a few more walls to pull down on the inside!)
We are picking the paint up tomorrow! Ill be sure to take a before and after picture!

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  1. So cute! It must be so fun to see the girls taking an interest in the sewing machine. Those skirts look perfect for summer, and you have me envious of your weather. (We've been stuck inside for too many hours avoiding snow and rain.)


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