Friday, 17 January 2014

Diet For A Year : :

I solemnly pledge to DIET for the whole year of 2014.

No, not a food diet...but a fabric diet! My fabric stash is getting to the point where I really need to use more of it! (please, lets keep nasty words like hoarder, obsessive, and addicted to ourselves).
I buy fabric (when its cheap or on sale) and have every intention of making quilts, clothes, bags etc...but I don't do it. I just put the fabric in my cupboard. Its not that I don't want to make these new things, I just really don't have the time!
So...being the new year and all that...Ive decided I'm going on a......

 Yep! A stash diet! I pledge that I will buy NO fabric (there are exceptions to this rule) in the year of 2014!! I want to use up the fabrics I have in my stash before they become out-dated or I just don't like them anymore.

OK...before you think there is no way I could possibly do are the exceptions...

1. I am allowed to purchase backing, binding, and background fabrics. Of course, if I have something in my stash that is suitable, then I can use that...but otherwise I am allowed to purchase these items.
(If you have large stashes of background/or backing fabrics I suggest you eliminate this rule)

2. I am allowed to buy notions. If I need threads, sewing machine needles etc, I can buy them. Fabric is absolutely no good to me without these things.

and finally...

3. If I happen to go to a quilt show, (only 55 days to go!) and happen to find the most adorable thing ever, I am allowed to buy it. BUT only if its super special! (You know, the kind of things you only see at shows!)

So there you have it. My diet.

Care to join me?

One Red Cherry

Here is a button for your blog to make the pledge too!
Here's to a smaller stash next year!


P.S If you were wondering how full my cupboard actually is...well here is a VERY small sneak peak!

This is only one side of one shelf...yep. STASH DIET.

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