Saturday, 18 January 2014

Quick Jelly Roll Table Runner : :

Here is the EASIEST quilt/table runner I have ever made!

I made it from a Jelly Roll. The fabric I used is called Honey sweet from Moda. Can you believe this is the first time I have used a Jelly Roll? It was soo much fun! I'm planning a rather big quilt using Jelly Rolls, and I'm really looking forward to it now! They are such a great way to get a good variety of perfectly matching fabric!
To make this table runner I used a quilt-as-you-go method (QAYG).

 Basically you cut out your backing and wadding to the size you want, then sew one strip on at a time. If you want to try and make one, I actually followed a tutorial that I found here. QAYG is perhaps my favorite method of quilting as it all comes together really quickly and you don't have to pin! (Well, you dont have to pin small projects like this one.)

I made it for my mums birthday which was Thurday. I knew that my mum had an 8 seater table, so I googled how long 8 seater tables are then just took a guess as to how long I should make it. It ended up being perfect size for her table and it didn't even use half of the jelly roll. Maybe I can make her some matching cushions or something for mothers day? (Pretend you didn't read that mum!)

 (OK, I know, rubbish photo of it, but my table is to tinsy-winsy for this table runner, and I wanted good lighting, so back to my old-faithful photo spot! Notice our weatherboards have the 1st coat of paint now?)

My mum choose the jelly roll for herself, but then ended up swapping it with me for one of mine. So i knew that she would like this fabric. I bound it in a grey-rose-polka-dot fabric from my stash, and backed it in kona white.

Instead of quilting it with a normal straight stitch, I decided to get creative with my new Bernina, and use some of the decorative stitches. I used gutermann sulky thread, which was actually really nice. Its thick and really makes the decorative stitches stand out more than normal cotton thread.

I really love having so many decorative stitches at my fingertips. My 440QE had 180 and three alphabets. That is a LOT more than my Janome 5027LE that I used to use...

...and a few more pictures of the lovely 440QE's stitches... can you tell I'm a little excited about my new machine?

I want to make one for my table now. But I think that I may wait till I have a bigger table. If you are looking for a hand-made gift idea that doesn't take forever to finish, then this is a pretty good one.

Happy Birthday Mum!


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  1. Really pretty! I especially like your use of decorative stitches. I know your mum is one happy birthday lady!


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