Monday, 10 February 2014

Star Light Star Bright Flying Geese : :

The next step in the Star Light Star Bright quilt-along is the flying geese. I love love love the way Melissa does hers. I do them this way every time.
However everything was combining against me making these flying geese last night!
After first realising that I had done all my cutting wrong last week,  re-cutting everything, sewing my fabric together the wrong side down, then having to unpicking it all and sew them again, I finally have my super-sized flying geese to show for all that frustration! (I was seriously thinking of just giving up on this quilt-along...for like half a second. So glad I didn't!)
So here they are....flying in formation!

I am LOVING these colours. SO fresh and lovely.
Be proud of me. Seriously. I did all of my trimming by torch light last night after the power went off for 8ish hours! Pretty much as soon as I had finished ironing my last 'goose', off it went. Thank heavens I didn't need my sewing machine or iron anymore!

Hope next weeks assignment runs a lot smoother than this one!



  1. Oh, I hope it runs smooth for you as well. I am so sorry for the cutting confusion. But I am so glad you stuck with it and your geese look just awesome!! It will be smooth sailing from here ;) And yes, your colors are so pretty and fresh :)

  2. What? Quilting by torch light? You are my quilting hero!


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