Saturday, 27 September 2014

Newest Addition!! : :

I haven't posted for quite a while...mostly because I haven't been sewing!!
But that's not to say that I haven't been making something special.......

If you would all kindly turn your heads to the may see something that resembles a BABY!!

This was my scan from 10 weeks I think.....I'm 20 weeks today!!
Still waiting for my 20 weeks scan.....and still deciding if Mr Handsome and I want to find out the sex...but we are both so excited to be having number 4!

It hit us last night that we will actually have 4 children.....ha ha couldn't stop laughing!!

So I'm due on Valentines Day (Feb 14th) 2015....I cant say how much I'm NOT looking forward to being huge in the hot hot summer...but it will be nice to have birthdays in the summer when we can parties outside!

I'm so looking forward to having cuddles with a newborn!! There is nothing in the world like your own newborn baby!

Jessica xx


  1. Wow... number 4 to be! :) Congrats, Jessica!

  2. I decided to stalk your blog today for the first time in ages and see this post!!! My mum told me the happy news a while ago but this is the first chance I have said to say congratulations!! So excited for you, I hope you are feeling good. I hope we can catch up when we come back for a visit next year!


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