Monday, 12 August 2013

Hello there!

So if your reading this you've obviously stumbled across my blog! Welcome :)

Since this is my first post I had better write a little about me (to save explaining myself later).

I'm a quilting, crafting, sewing, creative mother of three beautiful children. I have twin girls who are 4, lets call them little miss E and little miss I, and a one year old boy who we can call (yep, you guessed it) little Mr Z.

I'm also the wife of Mr handsome (sounds soppy? Well let me tell you that this is the shorted version! Yes, if I were to give you his full name it would be something like Mr incredibly handsome and muscled, funny, loving, awesome father, helps-me-with-dishes-EVERY night (yup you read that right!), most awesome best friend, perfect-for-me-in-every-way!)

Perhaps when I feel more comfortable sharing personal details on here I will, but since I don't know you and you don't know me, this is what were doing to start with.

My name is Jessica ( I feel comfortable telling you this as I share this name with my fellow 1/6th of the worlds population who also have unimaginative parents) and I'm 20-something years young.

I'm starting the blog to share with you my crafting adventures. I have many dreams and goals, which I'm sure I will bore you with soon enough, but now I can put a big tick next to "start my own blog"!

Over and Out!



  1. Hi Jessica,

    Nice to meet you on this blogland :). Look forward to seeing your creations.


    1. Hi Yeka!
      Glad you found you way here! If my blog is half as inspiring as yours I will be happy :)


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