Thursday, 29 August 2013

Oliver + S Music Box Pattern!

It seams that I never realise how fast my twins are growing until their clothes don't fit any more!

I like them to have some nice dresses for when we go to church, weddings, etc... However, they have both grown so much lately that their dresses are getting too short! (Sob! My babies are growing up. I already have a sick feeling whenever I think of them going to Kindergarten next year!)

As my girls are quilt tall for their age (they have no choice in the matter as I'm 5'8'', and hubby is 6'3''), I find it really hard to find dresses that are long enough (by long enough I mean past their knees.....gotta love a modest girl).

So why not make them one?  I thought to myself.

I had this pattern in my cupboard, Its Oliver + S Music box jumper pattern. Just look how sweet that paper doll looks :)

There are two versions of this pattern, A and B.

I chose B. I really love the little pocket and button detail on the front (and it had less pleats......anything to make it easier!)

This pattern is only 1 out of 4 scissors in difficulty (Oliver + S's way of indicating how hard a pattern is), So I thought it would be a great one to start with.

I went shopping for fabric at Spotlight (Australian craft store), and picked up some cute denim with red flowers and an adorable green corduroy with white hippos and pink birds *love*.

I just have to tell you, Oliver + S patterns are so professional. They give such clear instructions and the end result is so finished and neat, it hardly looks like something I have made. Seriously!I can hardly rave about them enough! Even the inside of this dress has all the seams tucked away. Little miss E could wear this dress inside out and it would look as neat as the front!

Another thing I loved about this pattern was they explained WHY. When a pattern tells me to do something, if I think I can get away without doing it, I will.
Not so with Oliver + S!
Every step that I would normally skip had a description as to why it needs to be done. Needless to say, I followed every step completely, and the dress really has a professional look :)

I picked up some really cute little pink bird buttons from my local craft store , and VIOLA!! One adorable dress! (not as adorable as the model though, of course!)

Now for the second dress for Little miss I. I'll put up so photos of that one when I finish (which will have to be soon as we will have one jealous twin if its not done by Sunday!)

 Take care!



  1. Love those hippos - great dress! I'll look forward to seeing dress #2...

    1. Thanks :) I'm nearly finished the second dress...


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