Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Twin little fairies

In May Little Misses E and I had their 4th birthday. I decided that this year they could have a party, as we hadn't had a party with other children since their 1st Birthday.
I originally wanted to just have all little girls, and have a fairy tea party, but my friend Kate wanted to come with her little boy, so we decided to have a fairy/pirate party!

I'd had this Simplicity pattern sitting in my cupboard for quilt a while....

I purchased it when the local Spotlight store had a two-for one pattern sale. To be honest I thought I would never make it. It looked way to complicated for my meagre dress-making skills! However when the girls saw the pattern they LOVED it! So I thought I'd give it a go, and if worst came to worst, I'd just buy another present for them.

I gathered my fabrics (sweet, sweet fabric shopping, oh how I love you!), and started cutting.
Cutting is always my least favourite part of sewing dresses, unless they have under 5 pieces. Sadly this pattern had a LOT of pattern pieces so it took a bit of time!

 It was so disheartening to finish cutting one dress out, only to have to start all over again with the second dress! Just one of the joys of having twin girls I guess!

Then for the fun part! Once I figured out the bodice on the 1st dress, the rest was a breeze :)

This Simplicity pattern really was just that! Simple! The dresses looked just like I hoped they would! Its a great pattern.

Sorry for the dark cupboard photos! They were a surprise so I had to be sneaky and keep them locked up in my fabric cupboard :)
The only problem I ran into was Little miss I's dress  (the blue one) was too wide in the neck. It wasn't too bad or anything, but it was definitely not as nice as little miss E's pink dress. I planned on unpicking it, and tightening things up a bit, but after I saw it on her, I decided against it (I loath unpicking, and it didn't look too bad).

I'm so glad I made these dresses. Not only do Little miss E & I love them, but it really gave me the confidence boost I needed to tackle more dress making projects!


Jessica :)


  1. These fairy dresses are gorgeous - what a great surprise for your daughters!

  2. thanks :) They loved their dresses :)


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