Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My Perfect No Cook Play-dough Recipe

Now I know that there are a million Play-dough recipes out there, and mine isn't anything special, except for the fact that its the one I like to use (which I suppose makes it pretty special!)

I like to make play-dough this way as I don't have to mix anything over a stove, and I generally have all the ingredients. It also makes super soft lovely play-dough that will last near forever (if stored in an airtight container), or until the kids decide to destroy it anyway :)

My Perfect No Cook Play-dough

3 cups plain flour
4 tbls cream of tartar
2 tbls cooking oil
1 cup of salt (plus a little extra)
food colouring
2 cups water

To make this fantastic play-dough Put 2 cups of flour (not the full 3), the cream of tartar, cooking oil, and salt into a mixing bowl. Then add your food colouring. There really is no set amount for the food colouring. Just add however much you think you need. I generally add a few drops then add more if it needs later.

Mix well.

Boil the water in the kettle, and add the 2 cups to the bowl. Now, It will be HOT, so I start of the mixing with a spoon. 
Once its cool enough to put my hands in, I take off my wedding rings (really, you don't want to forget this step. I did once, and it wasn't fun!) and start mixing with my fingers.

Add more flour as needed. You want to keep kneading the dough until the colour is evenly distributed throughout. For every grab-full of flour I add, I add another pinch-or-so of salt. Keep kneading and adding flour until its no longer sticky. You should be able to put your fingers into the middle of it, and not have any play-dough stuck to you.
Viola! Lovely play-dough!

When I made mine, Little Miss E and I couldn't decide what colour to make it.(In other words they were both gripping the colour they wanted and crying 'I want pink', and 'I want blue')
So I separated the mixture into two bowls and made half pink and half blue. (They will end up mixing it together and it will turn a funny colour, but at least we avoided that argument!)



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