Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Work In Progress

I haven't finished anything for a few days, so here's what I'm currently working on....

Its a terrible photo, but the second Oliver + S family reunion dress is coming along nicely. I should finish this soon (if not tonight).

 Speaking about clothes making. Here is a lovely stack i have in my cupboard for future projects. I really want to finish the above dress so I can get started on some of this!

I have some cute poly-cotton on top for Little Miss E & I's next dresses, which will be the Oliver + S Ice-cream dress. Next is some lovely cream silk shantung. It was expensive at $20 a meter, but oh-so-lovely, so I decided to get some (and I had a discount voucher). I want to make the petal sleeve blouse from the Japanese sewing book 'Feminine Wardrobe'. I wont be doing that for a while yet though, as I don't want to mess it up! I will practice on the twin's clothes first :) The rest is going to be clothes as well, but I'll write more about that soon!

Another sneak preview, but shhh! This is part of Little miss E's Christmas present, and I've thus far managed to hide it from her.........

What is it? You ask, well its not finished but it will soon be this....

The picture on the pattern doesn't look terribly exciting, but I saw one made up at the Craft show in Melbourne, it was so cute! The one I saw made up was made from Sarah Jane fabric, using an out of print line. I have about 1 meter of it stashed away, and I was going to make it up exactly the same as the display, but I decided to save it. I have a quilt in mind that I want to use it for instead (and also I figured Little Miss E will probably drag this teapot set around everywhere, including outside, and the other fabric is white).

I did find a really pretty lamp-work bead to go on top though! 

And lastly, I have been thinking about making a christmas stocking for Little Mr Z. I have made one for everyone else, but I just didnt get around to making one for him last year, so I will be making one for him soon!
Here is the one I made for Little Miss E.

I really really love it. I like gold Christmas decor, so all of the stocking I made have the same gold top, and a gold patterned fabric like this one. I used a gold bead trim to line the fold-over and to put the letter on the front. I then also used some gold ribbon attached to the corner for hanging.

To attach the trim I had to hand stitch between every-single-bead! It took forever but looks really good!

The photos don't really do it justice! 
My sister asked me about my Christmas stockings, and as she lives in Queensland, (and is too far away for me to just show her) I'm going to post a tutorial of how I made them shortly!

Come back soon to see these WIP's completed :)


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