Thursday, 12 September 2013

Star-Surround Quilt!!

It's finished! It's finished!

*does a little happy dance*

I first mentioned this quilt here.
But before I bore you with details, lets admire shall we?

(If you want a closer look, just click on a photo and it will enlarge for you!)

*sigh* I love finishing a quilt! There is nothing better than having a nice quilt to snuggle under.........hang on!!! YES THERE IS!! How about having your quilt displayed at the local quilt and craft exhibition!!!

Yes, that right! My quilt is ready to be hung tomorrow at the Warragul Quilt and Craft exhibition! I'm so excited!
While I was dragging my quilt through my local craft store, the lovely store owner suggested that I should enter my quilt into the exhibition. At first thought...yeah right! I'll never finish it in time (on Monday it was only a pile of blocks), but then I decided it would be A-MAZ-ING to have my quilt displayed, so I decided to do it!

I can say that I have broken nearly all my fingernails pinning this quilt, (I pinned it twice with my favourite quilt-as-you-go method), and my wrist is a little sore from shoving it through my little Janome 5027le, but it was worth it!

When I was deciding how to quilt this quilt, my original plan was to quilt it fairly heavily. I was going to straight line quilt it following all the pieces in my quilt, and in my head, it was awesome.
But then when I started, it so wasn't.
I ended up doing a lot of unpicking! (I loath unpicking and tend to avoid at all costs, so believe me when I say, it looked really bad!)
I then decided to just to stick with my old-faithful method of quilting. Which is just straight lines :)
I quilted my walking foots width away from all the edges of the stars. It looks much better. The quilt really sings all by itself, without the need for heavy quilting. 

Thanks so much to Melissa over at Happy Quilting for this lovely quilt-a-long! The finals are one the 16th of September with 4 great prizes!! I'm really hoping to get one, because the prize is a $75 gift card for fabric shopping!

Well, I need to get some sleep for my big debut tomorrow! (I'm really just dropping my quilt off at the local hall)

Ill put up some photos of my quilt at the exhibition! Cant wait to get some better photos, rather than just taped to the extension part of our house!



OK...just one more look :)

I should mention we have high ceilings too, (Or rather, we will when we actually put the ceiling up there!) so its bigger than it looks!)


  1. Absolutely stunning!! What a beautiful finish!! And I am so excited for you that you get to showcase it in the fair. And I am so impressed that you quilted this on your home machine with a walking foot. I bet your wrists are sore :) Way to finish it all up, fabulous!!

  2. Just saw your quilt on the parade! Love it! these colors are so great together, and way to complete it!! I am still sitting on mine, I will get it quilted soon! :)


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